Award Winners

2016 Undergraduate Teaching Award

Dr. Mort Kothmann, Texas A&M University
Dr. Amy Ganguli
, New Mexico State University – Early Career Distinction


2015 Dr. Urs P. Kreuter, Texas A&M University
2014 Laurie Abbott, New Mexico State University
2014 Robert D. Cox, Texas Tech University – Early Career Distinction
2013 Karen Launchbaugh, University of Idaho
2013 Jeff Beck, University of Wyoming – Early Career Distinction
2012 Thomas Thurow, University of Wyoming
2012 Steven Petersen, Brigham Young University – Early Career Distinction
2011 Walter Schacht, University of Nebraska
2011 Paul Meiman, Colorado State University – Early Career Distinction
2010 Chuck Butterfield, Chadron State College
2010 Andrés Cibils, New Mexico State University – Early Career Distinction
2009 Karen Hickman, Oklahoma State University
2009 Alexander “Sandy” Smart, South Dakota State University – Early Career Distinction
2008 Robert Knight, Texas A&M University
2007 Christopher Call, Utah State University
2006 Barry Irving, University of Alberta
2005 Dan Rodgers, University of Wyoming
2004 Carlton Britton, Texas Tech University
2003 Val Jo Anderson, Brigham Young University
2002 Don Kirby, North Dakota State University
2001 Ed Redente, Colorado State University
2000 Bruce Roundy, Brigham Young University
Dave Engle, Oklahoma State University
1999 Mitch McClaran, University of Arizona
1998 James O’Rourke, Chadron State University (NE)
1997 Jeff Mosley, University of Idaho
1996 Paul Doescher, Oregon State University
1995 None given
1994 None given
1993 Lee Eddleman, Oregon State University
1992 Fred Smeins, Texas A & M University
1991 Phil Ogden, University of Arizona
1990 Wayne Burkhardt, University of Nevada (Reno)
1989 Wayne Hamilton, Texas A & M University
1988 John Buckhouse, Oregon State University
1987 Jim Stubbendieck, University of Nebraska
1986 John Hunter, Texas Tech University


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